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elling your home can be one of the most expensive and complex decision you will...

Pre-Sale and

Any person considering selling a home should engage the services of an...


Selling your home can be one of the most expensive and complex decision you will ever have to make. Generally the success hinges on knowing what your property is really worth. In many cases property owners will arrange multiple “appraisals” from local real estate agents, which can vary significantly. Property owners generally choose the highest appraisal which could be many thousands of dollars above market value. This can cause not only an extended selling period, but an expensive exercise advertising the property and attracting the wrong potential buyers. In contrast to this it could be priced to low and be snapped up quickly, leaving you wondering if only I had engaged an “Independent Valuer” At Adelaide Property Valuers its simple, we provide the most up to date independent advice, empowering the seller with knowledge, during the presale process.

Remember "Knowledge" is very powerful, it should be embraced and should be used as a tool during the process of choosing a “Real Estate Agent” to sell your home.

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