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Pre-Sale and

Any person considering selling a home should engage the services of an...


Pre-sale valuations

When a person is considering selling property they should ensure the services of an "Independent Valuer" is arranged prior to selecting a local real estate agent undertake the process of selling the property. Market appraisals are simply a sales person’s opinion of what they believe a property could expect to sell for should the property be marketed on the open market. Real estate agents a sales people skilled in marketing and negotiation, not “property valuers” Unfortunately most real estate agents base the appraisal price of a property based upon their own benefit “Financial Gain. The majority of real estate agents work on commission in many cases agents can give property owners a high appraisal to list your property with them, or give you a low appraisal to ensure a quick sale. It is imperative to bear in mind real estate agents are "Salesman" who are paid a fee to sell your home, in contrast to "Valuers".

Pre-purchase valuations

Once you have identified the property which suits your needs it would be in your best interest to engage the services of an "Independent Property Valuer" to make certain what you intend to offer is in fact "Market Value" For example when a person is concerned about the structural condition of a property they engage the services of an appropriately qualified “building inspector” therefore when ascertaining the correct price when considering an offer to purchase a property, we would recommend an “ independent valuer” be engaged to determine the market value. It should always be remembered “agents” work for the "Vendor" not the "Purchaser" An independent valuation is an outstanding negotiation instrument to be used by any potential property buyer when negotiating the acquisition of property.

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