Family Law matters can be the most complex and sensitive property transactions...


elling your home can be one of the most expensive and complex decision you will...

Pre-Sale and

Any person considering selling a home should engage the services of an...


If you and your partner separate, you need to consider what is to happen in relation to the division of any property that you own. The Family Law Act

What you and your partner need to consider when relationships breakdown. Family Law is extremely complex and sensitive when dealing with the division of property which includes, vehicles, boats, motor bikes, shares, superannuation, property, personal effects and various others items.

Whether it involve a deceased estate (probate), family law matter, or a family share buy-out or sale of a family property where various family members have an interest, an independent valuation is critical to ascertain the "Market Value" relating to the any item referred to previously.

It is critical to arrange independent advice prior to entering into such agreements. An independent property valuer should be engaged to ascertain current market value of a particular item or property. This should be completed prior to the sale or purchase of a property or a property transfer or transaction.

Numerous family disputes occur during this process, normally after the property transaction has been completed. In many cases one of the parties discover the another family member may have drastically benefited more than another causing potential conflict and problems both legally and morally.

Adelaide Property Valuers only engage the services of Associate Members with the governing body the A.P.I (Australian Property Institute)

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