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Buying Property

The local Adelaide property market is continually changing due to fluctuations within local property markets and state and federal government legislation. Tanner Hardwick’s immense wealth of experience within the Adelaide property market means we are constantly aware of both the opportunities and threats that potential property owner’s maybe confronted with in the acquisition and sale process of property.

Buying Property

Our business strategy is simple, to identify and understand the needs of our existing clients and potential clients, ensuring we provide the highest level of service, within a timely manner, ensuring that our final reports contain the most update information, enabling our clients to make an informed decision.

Our property consultancy is the most comprehensive service in Adelaide and can provide you with an excellent starting point for the acquisition of your first home, investment property or the potential development of an existing property.

Tanner Hardwick offers advice on the acquisition of property, and the subsequent development across the entire property sector.

Our services cover all aspects of the purchasing process – from finding the right property which satisfy your needs, determining its market value in its current form, negotiating the best possible price on your behalf and if required attend the auction and bidding on your behalf.

Our strategy is simple, “ensure buyers are fully represented in the purchasing process”. Traditionally vendors have been the only parties well represented by “Real Estate Agents” in most cases; buyers are generally left to fend for themselves, in what can only be considered the most complex and difficult period for any young couple, person or family member.

We believe that buyers should be provided greater support and professional advice when purchasing a property. Our Property consultants provide an independent specialist service empowering our clients, through information and market knowledge, ensuring your investment decision is based upon facts, and science. All our property consultants are professional property valuers, and members of the “Australian Property Institute” We do endorse the use of “Graduate Valuers” for the purpose of undertaking such service.

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